Our Website is Live!

We at Agrideshiya have been working hard for a long time to build up our products and processes to reach the pinnacle of perfection, and we are finally ready to launch our corporate website to the public! Based in Ratnapura, our operation is unique in that it involves the dedication and commitment towards doing their part and respecting Mother Nature in the process, by all our stakeholders.

Our corporate website contains all information that any interested party would need to know about Agrideshiya. As we embark on the next chapter of our exciting journey, we hope to inspire a sense of innovation within Sri Lankans and we hope to be of service to those looking for a leg to stand on, as they contemplate entering the field. 

All information regarding our products, production processes, our values, our vision and mission, our plantation, our team and the strength of our company is clear and easily accessible thanks to our website. Our news room will stay updated with every new step we take!

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