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Adding Value to Our Motherland!

We strive to become Sri Lanka’s leading company in adding value to our island nation’s underutilized agro-resources. Our specialty lies in innovation, sustainability and ethical production.

Our Values

Agrideshiya was founded on a strong set of principles that guide our daily practices.



Customer satisfaction, providing opportunities and livelihoods for employees and suppliers, and maintaining an intrinsic human quality in our work.

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Renegotiating our relationship with the earth, ethically sourcing material in harmony with nature and building the foundations of sustainability.



Pivoting on a business model that centres on fairness for all parties, our focus is on making sure that there are benefits for all stakeholders to enjoy.



Products that are in the premium range of agricultural value addition, that invoke the brilliance of Sri Lankan pride and that adhere to the highest quality.

Our Products

The best value added products that
Sri Lanka has to offer.


Sparkling Kithul Raa
of Ceylon

Ceylonese Palm Wine, an authentic product made by fermenting kithul sap, with a low alcohol percentage, containing no additives or preservatives. The flavor of Ceylon, in a can.


Kithul Treacle

A Sri Lankan staple and substitute for refined sugar, the health benefits of kithul treacle are perfectly suited for any consumer. It is the core product of the kithul industry.



Authentic, purely organic, handmade cinnamon quills from the heart of Ceylon. Operating under a single estate model, the production of our premium cinnamon is geared towards providing income generation opportunities for otherwise unemployed women.

Who We Are

Agrideshiya was born out of a vision to catapult agricultural value added products of Ceylonese origin to international fame, with the goal of providing benefits for all parties involved in our unique and consistent production process. Our distinctive business model allows us the opportunity to be self-sufficient and sustainable. Sri Lanka is a paradise of natural resources and untapped potential, and our objective is to harness that potential so that the entire country gains from it. Built on hard work and innovation, Agrideshiya not only places the utmost importance on value addition, but also pushes the boundaries of what is considered possible.

Certifications and

Our value added products, our exclusive production process and all other practices are in compliance with food industry regulations and are recognized through globally accredited certifications.

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