Sparkling Kithul Raa
Of Ceylon

Carefully produced while following the highest manufacturing standards, our sparkling kithul raa is everything wonderful about Ceylon, in a can.

Our Island’s Pride and Joy!

While our Sparkling Kithul Raa of Ceylon has the potential to be someone’s favorite beverage, the cycle of production that it goes through is a perfect display of harmony between human and nature.


Harmonious Kithul Sap Extraction

The kithul farmer begins the production process by preparing the palm tree for sap collection. A tree primed for collection by the farmer using natural materials, is climbed twice a day. A food-graded container full of kithul sap is collected and replaced with an empty one.


Fully Automated, Collaborative Collection

The sap is collected from farmers by our team at Agri Ceylon Suppliers, adhering to pre-agreed standards of sap collection and quality. Our mechanism is fully automated and promotes respect and benefits for farmers.

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Innovative Storing and Testing

The collected sap is transported from farmers’ lands to our factory and stored in freezers. This is done in record time, following the highest hygienic standards. Sap is tested in our laboratory to ensure highest quality production.


Streamlined and Efficient Production

Sap is taken through filtration, fermentation, maturation, pasteurisation and carbonization, after which our Sparkling Kithul Raa of Ceylon is canned, capped, labeled and stored under optimal conditions in keeping with Excise Department standards.


Ethical Marketing and Benefits

Our finished product is marketed to consumers, highlighting its natural qualities, its unadulterated benefits and by paying homage to the industry from which it sprang. Kithul farmers working with us benefit from our sales, which we use to boost the lives of their families.

The Final Product!

Sparkling Kithul Raa

Our final product is a 330 ml can filled with authentic kithul raa, with an alcohol level ranging from 4% to 6% achieved through controlled fermentation of kithul sap. With no additives, preservatives or flavors added, our golden drink will engulf the senses with its distinctive natural kithul sap aroma. A shelf life of 6 months and compliance with ISO 22000 has been confirmed by ITI.

Complete with a meticulously thought-out marketing and distribution plan, our hope is to make our product a mainstay for consumers within the island and across the world. The success of our product will ripple across all stages and sectors in our process, benefiting all those involved.

Raga - Sparkilng Kitul Raa of Ceylon - Can

Raga - Sparkling Kithul Raa of Ceylon

Raga Sparkling Kithul Raa of Ceylon brings to the world for the first time, the traditional and natural taste and goodness of a beverage gifted from the kithul palms of Sri Lanka’s rainforests.

Ethical Waste Management

Our entirely automated sap collection mechanism and our production processes were all designed, implemented and maintained with the concept of “minimum waste” in mind. All of our processes work in harmony with nature and obeys her rules.
As our raw material kithul sap is converted to Sparkling Kithul Raa, it goes through a filtration and natural fermentation process with no external substances being added and no existing substances being removed. After production, external containers are cleaned using normal detergents; this wash-away water is collected and treated in treatment tanks to meet Central Environmental Authority standards.

Internal pipelines used for production undergo Clean In Process(CIP) using chlorinated water. The effluent discharge from this is treated through treatment tanks as well. The final outcome is reusable water, which does no harm to the environment.

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