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Operating under the umbrella of Agrideshiya, Ceylon Saplings is geared towards uplifting the treacle industry to revolutionary levels. Ceylon Saplings recognizes the importance of the treacle industry and engages in technological ISO approved treacle production, aimed at benefiting rural communities for whom it is a major source of income. The company is fully female led and employs women at all stages of production and management; it enables female empowerment and provides a platform for feminine excellence to shine through.


Agri Ceylon Suppliers

Our fully-owned subsidiary company is our agro-extension arm which focuses on the sourcing of raw materials and has developed to the point where limitations on resources are non-existent. Complete with its own management structure and a fully automated process of collection, Agri Ceylon Suppliers was established with a goal to ensure that our raw materials are supplied in the right quantity, at the best quality, at the right time, at the right price. We ensure that equal attention is paid to supply and production and that the supply meets the demand exactly.

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Industrial Technology

In our journey towards innovation, the Industrial Technology Institute (ITI) has been and continues to be our research and technology partner. ITI has been a very important aspect of our company since our inception and has fulfilled our core objective to engage in a technology transfer with Sri Lanka‚Äôs own technical knowledge, thus ensuring that a “made in Sri Lanka” label is applicable for all our processes and products. ITI has been with us every step of the way, aiding us in ensuring that every process works in tandem with nature.



DFCC Bank has been our banking partner since 2020 and has provided us with an unparalleled banking experience. The bank has funded many of our key projects and extended an excellent service to maintain a great partnership. Salaries of our employees are also routed through the bank, which has truly been a value addition. DFCC Bank has been a key pillar of strength in developing and securing Agrideshiya, a landmark project within the Agri industry.


The process automation system (AgriX) in operation today, which was conceptualized and pioneered by Agrideshiya, was developed by Agrithmics. It is a digital enabler, streamlining the supply chain ecosystem which churns out solutions that enables industries to cater to the unique requirements of its suppliers, workforces and communities while providing the scalability and profitability for the future expansion of its operations. AgriX enables traceability and guarantees transparency in transactions for all stakeholders involved.

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