About Us

We are firmly focused on maintaining our unique identity within the industry and bringing value added products to the fore.


Our Vision

To add value to as many agri-products as possible and to do so at the highest level, ensuring that the principles of people care, earth care and fair share are upheld and as such, confer benefits to Sri Lanka as a whole.


Our Mission

To operate within the realm of ethical best practices and innovation, to play our part in the development of technological agriculture and industry enhancement within the agro-based economy that we hope to thrive in; to welcome and assist new players to solidify their mark in the industry and to become involved in new industry development.

Our Story

Grounded in a desire to elevate our country to its highest level of productivity through sustainable utilization of its natural resources, Agrideshiya was founded on a dream to bring glory to Sri Lanka in the international market by reimagining the potential of her underappreciated resources.

The start and the star of our story is the kithul tree. It is our founding pride and the main ingredient in our authentic Sparkling Kithul Raa of Ceylon and Kithul Treacle. The important roles here are played by a community of hardworking kithul farmers and kithul tree tappers, who are an intrinsic part of the wonderful tapestry that is our sustainable business model.

Our next venture is into cinnamon – an authentically Ceylonese resource that we hope to harness, to manufacture 100% organic, handmade cinnamon quills, based on a single-estate model of production. Our uncompromising standards for premium quality ensures that a limited supply would profit from maximum use. Our desire for community engagement has resulted in the training of unemployed women in surrounding areas to be a part of this process and earn their dues.

Agrideshiya is more than a company. It is the embodiment of a communal desire to be of service to people, to mother earth, and to provide a fair share for all stakeholders. As such, our practices are entrenched in benefiting all stakeholders, operating with minimal carbon emissions and with respect to our motherland, and in keeping with the highest standards. Our team comprises strong-willed and unrelenting individuals who value honesty, integrity and teamwork, whose primary goal is to ensure that all principles are upheld unfailingly.

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