Our rules of engagement with mother nature are based on continuing the harmony between human and environment. As much as our goal is to create space for value addition, we make sure that our goal aligns with the preservation of nature.

Securing Our Supply

Our operations revolve around our own steady supply of raw materials.

Currently, we have entered into a joint venture agreement with Dunhinda Plantations Limited to tap 1200 kithul trees for the purpose of obtaining kithul sap. Kithul trees are earmarked and are maintained by Agrideshiya. The natural environment is not violated at all.

We have come up with our own, unique backward integration model that makes fair use of all resources at our disposal to ensure that our sap requirements are always met. Thanks to our supply chain model we are able to be self-sufficient in our sap collection and production.

The heart of our industry,

The Kithul Tree Tapper.

The work of a kithul tree tapper is understated, at best. Our kithul farmers not only climb kithul trees twice a day to retrieve sap, but also put in the effort to respect the stoic tree that provides them with a livelihood.

A tree is prepared for tapping by using natural materials to create a ladder for the farmer to climb, and the inflorescence, also known as the flower, is primed for sap collection. Under the terminus of the flower is placed a container, which collects sap for half a day until the farmer makes the climb again to replace the container with another.

Filled containers are handed over by farmers to our sourcing company and they are adequately compensated for their efforts. One of our main goals at Agrideshiya is to give back to this community of kithul farmers by developing their lives and their families’ lives. We make sure that our remuneration rates are higher, in order to facilitate greater returns.

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